Business Improvement & Growth

Are you wondering how you might be able to save tax or better manage your business accounts and finances? Or perhaps you are considering an acquisition or selling some your business to a potential partner or investor? Oracle Business Accountants are the Gold Coast’s experts in business improvement and growth.

We can help you:

  • Create and implement a personalised tax plan
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Save for retirement
  • Buy or sell property or your business
  • Implement strategies to improve cash flow and better manage debtor and creditors

We will work with you to ensure you have the most appropriate structure for you, be it asset protection, flexibility to growth, to take advantage of government grants or simply tax minimisation. Oracle Business Accountants are proactive, holistic and transparent – not reactive, slow to respond or vague in our approach. 

Our approach to your business growth includes a thorough review of your situation followed by the creation of a tailored plan, which covers:

  • An analysis of your current structure
  • Developing strategies to improve cash flow
  • Implementing effective invoicing terms
  • Developing budgets and targets with management accounting – keeping each other accountable
  • Identifying and comparing results against industry benchmarks to see where you are positioned
  • Reviewing your staffing structure
  • A review of your business development strategies to ensure you are heading in the right direction
  • Assisting with merger acquisitions should it arise
  • Looking at your long term goals, including succession planning